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Proper Bra Fitting

Uplifting Information - Getting a Bra that Fits You Right!

Ladies, it might be time for some brutal honesty. Getting a bra that fits properly can be a little tricky, but itís an effort that is well worth what you put into it. A bra that fits well will be more comfortable and will do what its supposed to do--uplift and shape you correctly and make you look wonderful in your clothes. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Are you tugging at your bra all day? Does your bra feel uncomfortable? What is the first item of clothing you want to take off when you get home? Is it your bra? Does your bra make you feel sexy, confident and beautiful? If you think that your bra wardrobe might need a minor (or major) overhaul, we are here to help.


Full Coverage Bra
Full Coverage Bra

This bra has cups that fully cover the breasts and offer the most support. This type of bra is frequently found with built in underwires at the base of the cups. This bra can be found with or without light padding or fiberfill depending on your needs.





This bra is designed with cups that cover just over half of the breast for a heavy-cleavage look. Some demi-bra’s are designed with padding or structural support to push the breasts upward which increases the appearance and look of fullness in the breasts, creating maximum cleavage as well.




Padded Bra:
Padded Push-Up Bra

Padded bras are primarily designed to add volume to smaller breasts. They are available with many types of padding. Bras with water and silicone pads have a more natural feel while still adding the look of more fullness to the breasts. Padded bras can be found with varying levels of padding as well, from a light fiberfill to a very heavy and maximum uplift padding.




Convertible Bra:
Convertible Bra

This is a very versatile and useful bra to add to your wardrobe. It can be worn many different ways to accommodate various necklines and strap designs, including halter styles.




T-Shirt Bra:
T-Shirt Bra

A bra designed without seams or trims to create a perfectly seamless and smooth look under even very clingy fabrics. T-shirt bras can be found with or without padding depending on your breast size and fashion needs.




Minimizer Bra:
Minimizer Bra

This bra is designed for the full figured or large breasted woman that would like a full support bra that will reduce the appearance of breast size by up to one full cup size.




Strapless Bra:
Strapless Bra

This bra is made without straps or with removable straps so that it can be worn with the most shoulder revealing apparel. It is also useful for tricky necklines or strap styles that are difficult to conceal bra straps beneath.




Deep Plunge Bra:
Deep Plunge Bra

This bra is designed to be worn with the deepest plunging necklines and still offer you full support.

This Bra Isn’t Working For Me!

Bra fitting experts estimate that 80% (or more) women are wearing the wrong size bra.  Are you one of them?  Here are some clues that might indicate you may be buying the wrong bra size:

  • Bra is uncomfortable.
  • Straps are always falling off your shoulders or digging into them.
  • Underwires are poking into you or you are finding them annoying or bothersome.
  • Breasts are overflowing out of the top of the cups or at the sides near your arms.
  • You are having discomfort in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Bra leaves red marks in the skin after you’ve been wearing it for a long period of time.
  • Cups are gaping or wrinkling, or have puckers in them.
  • Breasts appear to be sagging and are not lifted and supported.


Ahhhh, now we’re talking!

A great bra that fits properly will meet the following criteria.  Try on the ones you have now and be honest with yourself--does your bra meet these standards?

  • Breast tissue is FULLY contained within the cups.  No overflow or spilling over of breast tissue.
  • There should be no gaps, spaces, wrinkles, and puckers in the cups themselves.
  • The center section that is between the bra cups should lie flat against your chest.
  • Underwires should lie flat against the chest, wrap around the breast and NOT touch the breast tissue itself.
  • The back band of the bra should anchor low right at or below the shoulder blades.
  • Looking from a side view, the breasts in a bra should sit in the middle to upper half of the arm between the elbow and the shoulder.
  • Bra should remain stable and anchored in position.  It should not move or shift when you move, raise your arms, or sit in a chair. 
  • Bra is comfortable.


But, I’ve always been this size!

Don’t make the assumption that your bra size is never going to change even if your weight has remained stable.  There are many factors that can change your bra size that you may not even have considered and may be the reason why your bra is absolutely driving you nuts!  Obviously, a weight gain or loss of more than 5 pounds can affect your bra size but there are some other things you may want to consider. 

  • An exercise program that you’ve started or stopped since the last time you measured yourself.
  • Pregnancy or childbirth.
  • If it has been more than one year since you last were measured.
  • You are going through menopause or having other hormonal changes.



How to Measure Yourself to Determine Your Bra Size:

First get the band size: 

  • Put on a bra that you think fits and supports you well, but make sure it’s not padded. 
  • While looking in the mirror, wrap a tape measure around your rib cage immediately below the bra band.  Exhale, and then pull the tape fairly tightly around your ribcage.  Make sure the tape measure is held straight across and is not angled.  This measurement should be a snug measurement so pull the tape in as tightly as possible. 
  • If the measurement is an odd number, add 5”.  If the measurement is an even number add 4”.  If the measurement is 40” or above only add 3-4 inches. This is your Band Size.  Use the following chart as a guideline.
  • Select the Band Size according to your ribcage measurement as follows:

Select Bra Band Size

Next get your cup size:

  • Wearing that same good fitting, non-padded bra, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust line.  Make sure the tape is straight and not angled.
  • Unlike the band measurement, this should be a loose measurement, so don’t squish or compress your breasts, but just measure loosely around the fullest part.  A rule of thumb is that you should theoretically be able to insert 2 fingers in between the tape and your breasts.  This should give you an idea of how loose to hold the tape measure.  This is your Bust Measurement.
  •  The difference in inches between the Band Size and the Bust Measurement will determine the cup size.   Use the following chart as a guide to determine your cup size:

Select Bra Cup Size


Add Some Variety!

The bras you have in your lingerie wardrobe will be and should be varied, as there are many different types of bras that will serve many different functions.  Here are some of the basic types of bra styles and their general purposes.


Support or Seamed Bra Support or Seamed Bra:

This support bra has maximum lift and support.  It is perfect to wear under heavier or less clingy fabrics.

Seamless Bra

Seamless Bra: 

Made to be worn under clingy fabrics, t-shirts and knits.  This seamless bra has as smooth cup with no obvious seams or trims to show through under your tighter clothing.

Racer Back Bra

Racer back Bra: 

Perfect for under tank tops or sleeveless tops to prevent your bra straps from showing. 

Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra: 

For use under eveningwear or other tops that require support without bra straps to get in the way.

Very Sexy Bra

A Very Sexy Bra: 

This very sexy bra is something very special that will make you feel like the beautiful and sexy goddess you are --and will also help to make sure that your guy knows it too! 

Fill your bra wardrobe with bras that fit you perfectly and make you feel not only comfortable but sexy and beautiful as well.  Wearing a bra shouldn’t be an unpleasant, torturous experience.  With a little thought and planning, this lingerie piece can be an exciting, seductive and fun part of your wardrobe that makes you feel confident and sexy, and will definitely make your clothes fit better, too. 


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